Apache redirect to https

окружающая среда Centos с apache

попытка настроить автоматическое перенаправление с http на https

Я попытался добавить следующее в свой httpd.conf, но это не сработало

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Я действительно следовал этому примеру, и это сработало для меня:)

искали apache redirect http to https и вот приземлились. Это то, что я сделал на ubuntu:

1) включить модули

2) редактирование конфигурации сайта

содержание должно быть:

  • обратите внимание, что для модуля SSL требуется сертификат. вам нужно будет указать существующий (если вы его купили) или создать самозаверяющий сертификат самостоятельно.

3) перезагрузка apache2 не

на самом деле, ваша тема принадлежит на https://serverfault.com/ но вы все равно можете попробовать проверить эти .реврайт директивы:

использование mod_rewrite не рекомендуется использовать виртуальный хост и перенаправление.

В случае, если вы склонны сделать с помощью mod_rewrite:

Если вы ищете 301 постоянное перенаправление, то флаг перенаправления должен быть как,

We have a client server hosting our web application using Apache 2.2 & Tomcat 6 in RHEL. I have setup apache re-write rule for http to https redirection and it works fine. We have two DNS names that are used to access the same application. Test1.com and Test2.com. I want all the users trying to access http:// test1.com or https:// test1.com to https:// test2.com. As mentioned, http:// test1.com to https:// test2.com redirection is working fine. I am not able to implement https://test1.com to https://test2.com.

I have tried Virtual Hosts, ServerAlias, NameVirtualHost, but nothing works. Any suggestions if we can handles this via re-write would help. Any other pointers that might lead to the resolution of this issue will be appreciated.

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by Aaron Kili | Published: August 8, 2017 | Last Updated: August 8, 2017

HTTP (Hyper Text Transfer Protocol) is a popular as well as the fundamental protocol for data communication on the World Wide Web (WWW); typically between a web browser and the server which stores web files. Whereas HTTPS is the secure version of HTTP, where the ‘S‘ at the end stands for ‘Secure‘.

Using HTTPS, all data between your browser and the web server are encrypted thus secure. This tutorial will show you how to redirect HTTP to HTTPS on Apache HTTP server in Linux.

Before you can set up an Apache HTTP to HTTPS redirect for your domain, make sure you have SSL certificate installed and mod_rewrite is enabled in Apache. For more information on how to setup SSL on Apache, see following guides.

Redirect HTTP to HTTPS on Apache Using .htaccess File

For this method, make sure mod_rewrite is enabled, otherwise enable it like this on Ubuntu/Debian systems.

For CentOS/RHEL users, ensure that your have the following line in httpd.conf (mod_rewrite support – enabled by default).

Now you just need to edit or create .htaccess file in your domain root directory and add these lines to redirect http to https.

Now, when a visitor types http://www.yourdomain.com the server will automatically redirect HTTP to HTTPS https://www.yourdomain.com .

Redirect HTTP to HTTPS on Apache Virtual Host

Additionally, to force all web traffic to use HTTPS, you can also configure your virtual host file. Normally, there are two important sections of a virtual host configurations if an SSL certificate is enabled; the first contains configurations for the non-secure port 80.

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The second is for the secure port 443. To redirect HTTP to HTTPS for all the pages of your website, first open the appropriate virtual host file. Then modify it by adding the configuration below.

Save and close the file, then restart the HTTP sever like this.

While the is the most recommended solution because it is simpler and safer.

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