Failed to instantiate one or more classes

I am currently working on an Android UI, and run in to the following issue.

Base on the note I am assuming that this is issue with the Gradle. I also am unable to resolve following issue.

Below is the gradle file

Below is the activity_main.xml file

Note: If it matter, I am using Android Studio 3.1.4

Here is the Gradle File:

In the XML preview, there is an error that says: Error

Which is strange because it is a NullPointerException Error. I have not updated anything in the Main activity file.

I plan on adding a bottom sheet to this which is why I added the Coordinate Layout tag. Ever since I added that tag, I cannot find any way to remove this error.

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The error was resolved after I removed the lintOptions and allProject components, and replaced the dependency

It’s about the 26.0.1 just downgrade it to 26.0.0 it’s more stable. don’t forget to downgrade all the android libs too

I was also struggling with this error:

"android. Coordinator Layout" and "Failed to instantiate one or more classes"

I tried these many "failed" attempts:

  1. Changing API level in design tab of an XML file.
  2. Changing design theme
  3. Installing newest SDK files etc.

But finally after few sleepless night, I was able to do it by:

  1. Un-installing the complete Android Studio and SDK downloaded files. [NOTE: this also helped me in saving precious space in my 120GB MAC book]
  2. Installing default SDK files as prompted during installation.
  3. Changing a little in my "build.gradle" file. "Compiles SDK version", "target SDK version" and "dependencies" all have the same level. [26 in my case; my min SDK was 15]

And this again given me an error after syncing Gradle. But It showed some error [something with MAVEN kind of forgotten to take the snapshot of that error] and I just downloaded that extra file required for the same.

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December 2018

839 раз

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я абсолютный новичок в этом, так что любой, кто помогает, пожалуйста, все объяснить

Вот мой Gradle файл

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Try using SDK 27 instead.

Change the compileSdkVersion and targetSdkVersion to 27, then change the appcompat library versions from 28.0.0-alpha3 to 27.1.1

Uninstalling SDK 28 in SDK Manager, and also the version 28 build tools from the SDK Tools tab, will prevent Android Studio from defaulting to SDK 28 for new projects.